How I wish the Lord would come in my lifetime!

How I wish the Lord would come in my lifetime!
A quote about Queen Victoria appeared in The Daily News in 1903. One of Queen Victoria’s chaplains had been preaching on the Second Coming of the Lord, and then, in conversation with the preacher, the Queen exclaim, “How I the Lord would come come in my lifetime!”
“Why,” asked the chaplain, “does your Majesty feel such an earnest desire?”
Her whole countenance lit up with deep emotion as she replied with quivering lips-
“I should like to lay my crown at His feet.”

We all want God to do some amazing things in our lives, but it just doesn’t happen on its own. If we
want God to do great things, to give us the desires of our hearts, we can’t just sit on the couch
waiting_ We have to pursue God every day. God’s promises and blessings come with conditions that
we must meet in our hearts_ Scripture says, “Delightyourself in the Lord, and He Will give you the
desires of your heart” (Psalm 37-4). While we want God to give us our heart’s desires, God first wants
to shape His desires in our hearts so that He can bring out the best in us. The condition of your
heart must be that you delight in Him, which means you find your joy and happiness, your purpose
and meaning, in Him_ Do you see that what you delight in is what shapes your desires? God wants to
give you the desires of your heart as long as you have allowed Him to be the delight of your heart
Those two must meet together.


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